History and people

The Philippines has a rich history which represents the combination of Asian, European and American influences. Before the Spanish conquest in 1521, the Philippines had had a rich culture and had been involved in trading activities with the Chinese and Japanese. The Spanish conquest brought about the construction of Intramuros, “The Walled City” in 1571. It consists of European buildings and churches, which had replicas in different parts of the archipelago. The Philippines achieved independence in 1898, after 350 years and following 300 uprisings. In the same year the Philippines became the first and only colony of the United States. After the Philippine-American War, the United States introduced widespread education on the islands. Filipinos fought together with Americans during the World War II, especially in the famous battle of Bataans and Corregidor in which they slowed down the advancement of Japanese troops and consequently rescued Australia. Afterwards they waged a guerrilla war against Japan from 1941 until 1945. The Philippines gained independence again in 1946.

Filipinos are people who love freedom, they fought two peaceful, and other numerous revolutions against what they saw as a corrupt regime. Today the Philippines are a democratic state having 12 English national newspapers, 7 national TV stations, hundreds of cable TV stations and 2,000 radio stations.

Filipinos are agreeable people, with a variety of holidays which are marked on a daily basis. They are glad to entertain foreign guests at their homes.

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